If you're just starting out as Confluence administrator, this page is for you. You'll find this page useful if your Confluence site is brand new, or if you're learning to administer an existing site.

If you're looking for info on site administration or user management, check out the Atlassian Cloud Documentation.

Quick access to admin functions in search

Quick tip for getting to administration screens: Start typing what you want to do into the Confluence search box. The matching options will appear under the "administration" heading at the top of the search results.

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Press / on your keyboard to quickly open the search panel

How to administer and configure Confluence

To administer Confluence, you have access to the Confluence administration console. To access it, open your Confluence URL and choose 


in the Confluence navigation.

Getting started on a new Confluence site

Is this a new Confluence site? Here are some things to get started with:

Now you can continue getting to know your site.

Getting to know an existing Confluence site

Has the site been around a while, but you're new to Confluence administration? Take a look at these topics: