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Get started as Confluence Cloud administrator

If you're just starting out as Confluence administrator, this page is for you. You'll find this page useful if your Confluence instance is brand new, or if you're learning to administer an existing instance.

Learn more about organization administration and user management.

How to administer and configure Confluence

Select the wheel icon () in the top-right corner to open Confluence administration. If you have a Premium or Enterprise plan, you’ll land in the mission control center. If you have a Free or Standard plan, you’ll land in General configurationunder settings.

Getting started on a new Confluence instance

Is this a new Confluence instance? Here are some things to get started with:

Now you can continue getting to know your instance.

Getting to know an existing Confluence instance

Has the instance been around a while, but you're new to Confluence administration? Take a look at these topics:

  • Understand the Confluence permission scheme.

  • Get to know the power of add-ons for extending and customizing your Confluence instance.

  • Investigate more ways of customizing Confluence.


Additional Help