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Explore Atlassian Intelligence features

Activate Atlassian Intelligence in your Administration settings to begin using AI features in your products. Learn how to activate Atlassian Intelligence

For more on how Atlassian Intelligence works, its limitations, and our commitment to privacy, visit the Atlassian Trust Center.

Atlassian Intelligence integrates with products like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to boost your team’s productivity, leverage insights from organizational data, and then use those insights to streamline data-driven decision-making.


Available now

Coming soon

Accelerate your work

Generate and transform content


Summarize content

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Work Management

  • Confluence Mobile

Create automations

  • Jira

Summarize Smart Links


  • Confluence

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Management

  • 3rd party apps:

    • e.g. Google Docs, MS Office, and Slack

Define terms


Glean insights from organizational data

Search issues


Generate SQL queries


Search answers


Use AI to drive action

Automate support interactions


Suggest request types


Review code


  • Bitbucket

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