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What are the steps for setting up custom email addresses?

As an organization admin, you can set up DMARC so that Jira project admins can customize the sender email address of any Jira projects notifications, including customer notifications for Jira Service Management. This section explains the steps you need to take to set up DMARC.

1. Add the domain you want to use for sending emails

Add your email domain for products notifications. This is different from verifying your domain to manage accounts. Learn how to verify a domain to manage accounts

We use DNS records to verify domains you add. We verify that you have control over the domain, and we grant Atlassian the permission to send emails on behalf of the domain. This is similar to how you can verify your domain for managing accounts. The difference is that we use multiple DNS records to verify your domain for email authentication. Learn how to add your email domain

2. Copy and add DNS records to your domain provider

When you add your domain, we provide you with a list of DNS records that you must add to your domain provider in order for Atlassian to verify domain ownership, and to query any additional configuration parameters required for DMARC to function correctly.

Learn more about DNS records required for configuring DMARC and how to add them.

Confirming that DNS records match

When you add DNS records to your domain provider, due to the nature of how DNS works, it may take some time for the changes you make in your provider to become visible to our systems.

When you add a domain to admin.atlassian.com, we run a DNS records check every 24 hours to determine whether records match. You can also go to your email domain entry and run a DNS records check at any time to get an up-to-date status for each record.

If one or more DNS records don’t match during a check, we send an email to all organization admins letting you know. You will stop receiving these emails when all records match.

Activating the domain

We configure our systems to send emails in behalf of your domain. We provision this once we confirm that all DNS records match.

Provisioning can take up to 72 hours while we recognize the DNS record updates in your provider. When provisioning is complete, we update your domain’s status to verified.

3. Add email addresses for product notifications

After we verify your domain, you can specify the email addresses that you want to use for Jira notifications. Add email addresses that you want to appear in Jira project settings. Learn how to add email addresses

4. Project admins select an email address for a Jira notifications

Jira project admins select one of these email addresses for the sender email addresses of a notification. The next time that recipients receive an email from Jira, it includes the selected email address with your domain. The email arrives with no issues because the recipient’s email server knows that it can be trusted. Learn more about how to configure Jira Cloud to send notification emails

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