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What are the benefits of DMARC?

Set up DMARC for your organization to keep the emails that we send secure and improve the rate of delivery for those emails.

Keep product emails secure

When an action triggers a Jira and Confluence email, DMARC helps to avoid phishing and domain spoofing by using two existing email authentication mechanisms, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

A phishing email could look like it’s coming from your organization because it includes content recipients would expect. In the case of domain spoofing, the email may seem credible because the sender email address includes a domain your users or customers would expect.

This a security problem because email contents may ask recipients to enter sensitive information or download harmful software. In addition to that, cases of phishing and spoofing can have a negative effect on your organization’s reputation by impacting public perception and trust.

Improve email delivery rates

DMARC improves the likelihood that your users and customers will receive all the product emails sent by Atlassian systems.

When recipients mark incoming emails as spam, email servers are more likely to mark other similar emails, including those coming from Atlassian, as spam.

DMARC ensures that recipients' email servers recognize Atlassian emails as legitimate and trusted. As a result, product notifications are less likely to be considered spam due to individual recipients' actions.


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