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Maintain your Atlassian organization

Learn how to customize your organization and manage product settings as an organization admin


Manage product changes from an Atlassian organization

Need to control change in cloud? Test and manage product changes for Jira and Confluence Cloud.

Connect to self-managed products with application tunnels

Need to integrate your Atlassian products? Use application tunnels to connect your organization to the products in your network.

Control your shadow IT footprint

Are users signing up for products you don’t know about? Learn how to control the cost and security of your product footprint.

Learn about Atlassian Intelligence

Understand more about our artificial intelligence features and determine if AI is right for your organization

Manage Atlassian products for HIPAA

Enable HIPAA compliance for eligible Atlassian products and protect your sensitive data.

Manage backup and restore for Atlassian products

Need a backup and restore solution? Learn how to back up and restore projects, spaces, users, and other product data.

Report and track data across your organization

Stay on top of users and data across your organization with all the reports and tracking options we offer.