Manage Enterprise members and licenses on Atlassian Admin

Similar to most Atlassian products, you can now manage your Trello Enterprise members on

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Understand roles and product permissions on

If you are an Enterprise admin and want to manage your members, licenses, and SSO on, you need to be an organization admin. Learn about the different types of roles.

Manage your members on

Sync your users easily with SCIM user provisioning

To help manage your users, you can now access SCIM provisioning to integrate your user directory. You’ll need to be an organization admin to use SCIM.

If you run into any issues with SCIM or API, check these troubleshooting steps.

Changes in APIs

If your organization uses API to automate certain functions, some of the APIs might not work anymore due to the ability to manage users in Atlassian Administration. Ask your developers to check the list to make sure your APIs are still supported.

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This document is just a starting point to help you learn how to do the functions you used to do on the Trello Enterprise admin dashboard. When you’re ready to learn more about the Atlassian Administration, read the rest of the documentation.

If you aren’t able to manage your Trello Enterprise members and product permissions on Atlassian Administration yet, try these instructions instead:

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