Change who can give Enterprise seats to users

By default, both Workspace admins and Enterprise admins can add and invite new users who would utilize a new seat on your organization’s enterprise plan. To control your billable users and who gets your available seats, this setting can be changed to allow only Enterprise admins who can add new users. It will not affect users who already have a seat.

What happens when you limit to Enterprise admins only

Enterprise admins can check how many seats are available so they can make sure they stay within their seat limit. They can also help make sure that the new seats go to users that really need it.

But, changing this setting also means:

  • Workspace admins can’t invite users who don’t have an enterprise seat yet.

  • Invite links will be turned off for all Workspaces within the enterprise.

  • Users will have to contact Enterprise admins or go through your company’s internal process just to get access.

  • If there’s not already an existing process, Enterprise admins will have to create a process for users to request access, resulting in more work for them.

  • Depending on your process, eligible users may have to wait for access.

What you need before changing this setting

To make sure your users know how to get added to the enterprise, you can only change this setting if you provide a way to direct them to the right place.

Decide on a process for how you want your users to request access.

  • Add instructions in a document to help your users learn how to request access.

    • Tip: This can also be an already existing process that your users use to request access to products.

  • (Coming soon!) You’ll be able to provide the link when you change the setting. This link will appear to Workspace admins when they try to get added to the enterprise.

Change who can add members to take up an enterprise seat

To make this change, you have to be an Enterprise admin.

  1. Go to the Trello Admin Dashboard.

  2. Under Security, click Workspace & board permissions.

  3. Under Workspace membership, go to Both Enterprise and Workspace admins can invite users to the enterprise and click Change.

  4. Select Only Enterprise admins.

  5. Add a link and click Save. (Coming soon!)

What Workspace admins will see when they try to add users who don’t have a seat

(Coming soon!) “Learn how to request access” will go to the link you provide.

Error message for Workspace admins when adding users who don't have Enterprise seats.

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