Using Custom Fields

Custom Fields are a powerful customization tool for your boards, allowing you to add new field types and custom data to your Trello cards, making them more specific to your workflow.

Custom Fields is a built-in feature of Trello, and available on Trello Standard and above.

Creating a custom field

From the right-side Board Menu, or the "Add to Card" section of the card back, you can click on Custom Fields, followed by + New Field:


Type will specify the type of input that can be entered for the field—this can be set to "Checkbox," "Date," "Dropdown," "Number," or "Text". If you select "Dropdown," you'll have the option to enter the choices for that dropdown. Name is the name of the field. A field name can be up to 25 characters in length.

Once enabled, the field will show on both the front and back of the card:


Using Custom Fields

Once you've set up some custom fields, you can enter values for those fields by clicking on the field on the back of the card:


Clicking on the Custom Field button, and then the entry in the list, will edit the custom field entry itself, and change the name of it. Press Enter or click the back arrow to save the name of your Custom Field:


Once a field is created, you cannot change its type.

Editing and deleting custom fields

You can delete/edit custom fields from the card back. Open the card and click the "Custom Fields" button on the right-hand side. Then, select the custom field you'd like to edit. A pop-up window will appear, and you'll be able to edit the fields or click on the "Delete Field" link at the bottom.


Reordering custom fields

Click the "Custom Fields" button on the right-hand side of a card back then drag and drop their location in the list. The new arrangements are reflected immediately on all cards on the board.


Custom fields on the Free plan

Custom Fields and their values are not deleted if a Workspace is downgraded to the Free plan. They will become temporarily unavailable, but will come back as soon as the Workspace is upgraded to a paid plan.

Moving and copying cards with Custom Fields

When you move or copy a card that has values stored in Custom Fields, the data will be moved to the new board. When the card is moved/copied, Trello checks to see if you already have a field on the new board with the same name and field type. If so, the card will use the existing field definition on the new board. If it doesn't find a matching field, it will create a new field.

A card that has an empty value for a custom field will not create the new field on the board to which it is copied or moved.

Custom field data in board exports


Custom field data is included in both the JSON export and, for Premium subscribers, the CSV export. To learn how to export your boards to either JSON or CSV, read our article here.

Custom field limits

A board can have up to 50 custom fields defined on a board. Any number of cards on the board can have values set for each field.

Custom Fields on mobile

Copying cards with Custom Field data 

When you go to copy a card with Custom Field data on mobile, you will have an option to ‘Keep Custom Field Items’.

  • If it is toggled on, a new card will be created with the Custom Field, with the value in the field.

  • If it is toggled off, a new card will be created with the Custom Field, without the value in the field.

For example, if the card below is copied on mobile with ‘Keep Custom Field Items’ toggled on, the values in those Custom Fields will be copied over to the new card (i.e. the new card will have the value of $500 for the Estimated Price).


Essentially, toggling the ‘Keep Custom Field Items’ is only deciding whether you’d like to copy the value or not.

If you copy a card that does not have a value in the Custom Field, you won’t see an option to keep that item, as there is no data to copy.

Copying checkbox Custom Fields

If you have an unchecked checkbox, you will not see an option to copy the value of that Custom Field. However, if you check the checkbox, then uncheck the checkbox, you will see an option to ‘Keep Custom Field Items’.

This is because when you first create a checkbox custom field, its value is nil. Once it is checked, its value becomes true. When it is unchecked again, its value becomes false – notice it still has a value.

Filtering Custom Fields

If you filter on the current board with keywords based on the content present within the custom fields, Filtering will return all the cards containing those keywords. For example, if you filter by the keyword Highest then all cards with the Priority Custom Field set to Highest will be returned. 

However, currently, if you filter on the board with keywords based on the custom field name, e.g. Priority, Status, Risk, Filtering will not return all the cards containing those custom fields.



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