Community template gallery

Trello’s community template gallery offers best practices and tried-and-true frameworks for setting up your Trello board, whether it’s for business or personal use. Some templates within the gallery were created by the Trello team, while others have been sourced from our community of users to highlight a broad range of use-cases. More templates will be added on a rolling basis. 

Reach the template gallery by going to in your web browser.

If you’re logged-in to Trello, you can also browse templates by creating a new board and selecting “Start with a Template,” or by navigating to the Templates section of the Trello home screen.  


Template overview page

Clicking into any template from the gallery will lead to an overview page with more detail about the template: the creator, an 'About this template' section for how it can be used, a preview of the actual template, and a description of any Power-ups that are enabled on the template.


Using a template

Click “view template” (or anywhere in the template board preview) to navigate to the actual template board, where you can explore the template in more depth or return to the gallery via your browser’s back arrow. If you’d like to use this template, click the green “Create board from template” button, where you can change the title, select a Workspace, and choose to keep or discard the cards. 


Power-Ups on templates

Certain Power-ups may not be configured on your new board (for example, if you need to link a third-party service such as Slack or Dropbox), but you can easily set them up from the Power-Ups menu in your board’s header.

Screenshot of the Power-Ups menu open on a Trello board

Sharing a template

Click the "Share" button on the 'Template overview' page in the community gallery, or the "Share" link on the public template board itself. 


The gallery is currently offered in English, French, and Portuguese locales. Which version of the gallery you'll see corresponds to the language you've selected for your Trello account. Anyone using Trello in a language other than English, French, or Portuguese will see the English version of the template gallery.

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