Opening the automation activity log

In the Activity Log, you can view the activity log of a particular automation. When the automation doesn't run as expected, you can open the Activity Log to see if there were any errors or warnings in its execution.

Automation Activity Log shows the information about an individual automation. If you want to check the activity log of all automations, go to Opening the Automation Usage Log.

To open the Activity Log:

1. Open Automation by selecting the Automation button at the top of your Trello board and then clicking on Rules, or from the board menu by clicking on the three dots and then Automation:


2. Open an automation tab of a particular automation by selecting the Rules, Card Button, Board Button, Calendar, or Due Date tab.


3. Go to the automation that you want to inspect and click the lightbulb icon in the upper-left corner of that automation.


4. In the Activity Log, you can view all actions that automation has performed. You can also filter the log entries to Only show warnings and errors by selecting the corresponding checkbox at the bottom of the Activity Log window. 


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