Workspace Table View

Workspace Table view lets you see cards from multiple boards in the same Workspace within a compact table format. Workspace Table view can be filtered by list, label, member, and due date, and can be saved and shared with other Workspace members!

Access the Table View

Open the sidebar and select "Table". To access Workspace views for a different Workspace, select that Workspace from the Workspaces dropdown in the global header first.

To access the Table view from a board, open the views switcher in the top left corner of the board, and select "Table".

Workspace Table View sidebar navigation

The Workspace Table view can be accessed by all Workspace members.

Don't see that option? Views are available in Premium and Enterprise Workspaces. Move your board into your Premium Workspace, or upgrade a Workspace to access Workspace views.

Using the Table View

Select boards to add to the table and the Trello cards from those boards will automatically populate. Select cards to edit them directly or select a header to filter out certain cards across the boards. Check out our blog post here for some of the possible uses for the Table view:

Adding and Removing Boards

Add boards by clicking the "Filter" button, then select the boards from the dropdown and check the boards you would like to see added to the table. To remove a board after it has been added, uncheck the checkbox next to the board name.


Filtering and Sorting Cards

Cards in the table can be filtered by membersdue datelists, labels, and those values by keywords - click the "Filter" button to see these options:


The order of cards can also be rearranged by selecting the "Due Date" header.


All filters can be reset by clicking the "x" in the "Filter" option.



Editing Cards from the Table View

The Table view allows for basic editing of cards across the selected boards. By selecting a card in the table, you can jump to it directly. Alternatively, if you select the list, label, member, or due date of a card, you can change that card info from the table directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the Table view?

The Table view is only available for Trello Workspace subscribed to Premium or Enterprise. If your Workspace is upgraded, make sure you are viewing that Workspace and not another free one. You can do so by going to your Trello home page and then finding the Workspace with the briefcase icon, it will have a link to the Table View available.

Will the Table view ever be available for free Workspaces?

There are no current plans to make the Table view available to free Workspaces.

Is there a limit to the number of board that can be displayed in the Table view?

Yes, a maximum of 20 boards can be selected at a time.

Can I change what card details are shown in the Table view, like the description or Custom Fields?

Not currently, no. The Table view will only display the card names, list, labels, members, and due dates.

If I share the Table view with someone who isn't a member of my Trello Workspace, can they see it?

No, access to the Table view is only available to members of the Trello Workspace, and they can only see cards and boards they are permitted to access.

Can I prevent certain Workspace members from accessing the Table view?

Preventing access to the Table view directly isn't available, aside from removing the member in question from the Workspace. However, you can remove a member from a board that would not allow them to select it in the Table view.

Can I filter card names using the keyword feature?

Not right now, but we're taking that into consideration for a future update.

Troubleshooting and Support

Have any feedback, questions, or problems with the Table view? Check out the FAQ's section first, otherwise, feel free to reach out to our team at

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