What to do if your account is compromised

It’s definitely frustrating to lose data through an account breach or someone deleting data on a shared Trello board. We created this document to let you know what you can do as well as the limitations of the Trello support team in helping you.

If a person gains access to your Trello account, or uses their Trello account to delete data that you both have access to, Trello support can advise you on how to protect your account going forward, but we can’t recover the data for you, offer legal advice, or help you pursue legal action against the person who made those changes.

What we recommend

If an account is compromised, we recommend changing the password so that further damage is limited. You can do that via the reset your password form. If you suspect an API token has been compromised instead, you can go to your account page, and click “revoke” next to the token.

If a user has left or been let go from your company or team, we highly recommend removing them from the Workspace and from any boards to which they have access as soon as possible. Users who are removed from Workspaces do still have access to boards, and can edit, delete, or move content there. You can read more information at Removing people from a Workspace and Removing a member from a board.

Data we can and cannot share

If someone writes in asking for information about an account, and we’re able to confirm their identity, Trello support can share information that matches what a user can see in their own account. What we can’t do is share information that a user would be unable to see from within their own account.

For billing questions or information, Trello support can discuss general account information with Workspace admins or confirmed billing contacts.

Beyond what is outlined above, we can’t share information about accounts unless compelled to do so as a result of valid legal process.

In terms of what constitutes valid legal process, we can’t give legal advice about what that might mean for your specific circumstances.  You’ll have to determine what is a valid legal process for your situation, possibly with the help of a lawyer or other legal counsel.  For more information, please take a look at our Terms of Service. If your legal representative needs to get in touch with Trello, they can reach out to us at http://www.trello.com/contact, and we’ll forward their message to the appropriate party.

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