Using the Twitter Power-Up

Enabling the Power-Up

To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the "enable" button next to the Twitter Power-Up.


Authenticating with Twitter

Once the Power-Up is enabled for the board, each individual user will need to authenticate their Twitter account from within Trello. To do that, open up a card, click on the Twitter button in the Power-Ups section on the back of the board, and select "Link your Twitter account."


A pop-up window will open, requiring you to log in with your Twitter credentials and authorize Trello to access your Twitter account.


Using the Power-Up

The Power-Up can be accessed from the back of the card by clicking the Twitter button in the Power-Up section. From there, select whether you want to add a tweet by pasting in a URL, accessing it from your timeline, looking at your mentions, or searching for a tweet using keywords.


Once the tweet is attached to the card, it will show in the "Tweets" section of the card. Please note that it will be visible for anyone that can access the card and view the attachment.


To remove a tweet from the back of a card, click the "remove" link displayed next to the tweet.

Disabling the Power-Up

To disable the authorization with your Twitter account, open the board menu and select "Power-Ups". Click the gear icon next to the Twitter Power-Up, and click "Remove personal settings."


To disable the Power-Up for this board, click "Disable" next to the Twitter Power-Up.

Disabling the Power-Up will not cause any data loss. It will change the formatting of the links in the card to be the same as any other attached links.

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