Sanctioned Countries

U.S. law prohibits Trello from providing access to products and services to organizations or users located in the following restricted countries or regions: Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Venezuela.

Additionally, given the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have blocked the creation of new Trello accounts from Russia and Belarus, and have removed the Trello mobile apps and desktop apps from the digital stores in these regions. We are also suspending all existing Russian government-owned licenses as well as licenses to specific Russian businesses that support the war. Learn more here.

If you’ve been prevented from creating a Trello account or blocked from using our services, you may be located in or using an IP address from a country or region with restricted access. If you have traveled to a restricted country or region and are unable to access Trello, your access may be restored once you return to a country or region that is not restricted under U.S. law.

If you feel there was an error in blocking your access, please reach out to us using this form

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