Adding a member to a card

Board members can be added to cards. A person must be a member of a board in order to add them to a card. When a member is added to a card, they will automatically start watching the card.

Card members will receive notifications for the following:

  • All comments on the card

  • Adding, changing, and upcoming due dates

  • Card moves and archives

If a card member chooses not to watch the card at a later point, they will no longer receive these notifications.

Add a member to a card

To add an person to a card from the card back:

  1. Select the card to open it

  2. Choose "Members" from the right side of the card

  3. Type the member's name or click on their avatar

Quick edit menu

You can also add a member to a card by selecting “Change members” from the quick edit menu.

To open the quick edit menu:

  1. Right-click any card on the board, or hover over it and click the pencil () icon

  2. Select “Change members”

Drag and drop members to cards

Drag and drop a member’s avatar from the board header to any card on the board to add them to the card.

Keyboard shortcuts

Press the following keys while hovering over the card or when the card is open:

  • SPACE - Add yourself to a card. 

  •  - Add another member to a card.

Once someone is added as a member of a board, they'll be able to see all cards and lists on that board. There isn’t a way to only show someone the cards they’re added to.

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