Trello for Google Chat

Trello for Google Chat lets you send custom alerts to chat rooms for activity on Trello boards, lists, and cards. Alerts can be sent from any of your Trello boards to chat rooms via the Chat Power-Up. Plus, alerts can be tailored specifically to the room you are sending them to, making sure that your team is always aware of the activity that matters most. 

Note: @Trello bot is available for Google Chat. To use apps in Google Chat, a work or school account is required. This information was extracted from Google Chat’s articles and you find the original file here.


First, in any room where you’d like to add Trello alerts, type @Trello to mention the @Trello bot. This will bring the bot into your room.


The Trello bot will direct message you asking for authorization.


Follow the steps to authorize Chat with your Trello account. Select the board from the dropdown menu you’d like to enable the Chat Power-Up on.


Once enabled, click the button to go to that board and then click the Hangouts Chat alerts Power-Up button in the top right corner of the board.


Select a room or direct message to send alerts to and the actions you’d like to receive alerts for. To include more room options, invite the Trello bot to more rooms by @ mentioning Trello.



I don’t see an option to add apps on my Google Chat, what’s happening?

You don’t have a Google Workspace inside your Google Chat, from what we understand you need to have a school or work environment to have this option, more details about it can be discovered reaching directly Google support.

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