Why can't I create a board?

Boards must be associated with a Workspace. If you are unable to create, move, or copy a board, it’s likely because you do not have permission to do so in your existing Premium or Enterprise Workspace(s), and/or your free Workspace(s) have reached their board limits. Let’s talk a bit more about why you might be facing those Workspace Restrictions and board limits.

Workspace Restrictions on Board Creation

On Premium and Enterprise Workspaces, Workspace admins have the ability to restrict whether members can create, as well as copy or move, boards within a Workspace. You can contact a Workspace admin to learn more. Workspace admins are listed by visiting the “Members” page on the sidebar. From there, choose the “Add to Workspace” button next to the member’s avatar and name. 

Boards Limits for Free Workspaces 

How are boards in free Workspaces defined?

A free Trello Workspace has a limit of 10 boards open at a time. When a board is open, it can be viewed and used - when a board is closed, it’s essentially archived. Closed boards can be reopened, as long as there is space for them in the 10-boards limit.

What is the benefit of organizing boards in a Workspace?

You can think about them as a business workspace, a home workspace, or a book club workspace. We often see Workspaces being used to keep together boards that are related to the same subject or workflow, or even to keep all boards that are important to the same group of people, regardless of the subject. When you add people as members to a Workspace, which you can currently do on the web version of Trello, you also make it easier to keep all your collaborators in the same place.

Where can I see all my boards on my Workspaces?

On iOS, you can visit the “Boards” tab. On all other platforms, you can see your boards, grouped by Workspace, on the Home screen. On the web and desktop, navigate to the Home screen by clicking the “Home” icon or the Trello logo in the header. 

I want more boards on the same Workspace!

Standard and Premium Workspaces allow for unlimited boards. You can learn more here

If you're working alone or collaborating on small personal projects, you can close boards you don’t use or create a new Workspace to hold your new boards.

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