Add due dates and start dates to cards

Cards can have a due date, due time, and start date. These will appear on the front and back of the card.

Add and edit dates on a card

You can add or edit dates by clicking the card to open it, then click the Dates button.

You can also add or edit dates with the Quick menu, or by using the “d” shortcut while hovering your mouse of the card.

Add a start date

Start date are added in the same place as Due dates. Select the Start date checkbox to enable the start date field for that card, then choose a date. Start dates and Due dates will show on the Calendar View and Timeline View.

Mark a due date as complete

Click the checkbox next to the date to mark it as complete and turn the badge from red to green. This can be done from the card front or back.

Completed due dates will not trigger automation that triggers “when a card becomes due”.



Remove a date from a card

Remove a date by clicking on the date on the card back and selecting "Remove" on the bottom of the panel.


Due date badge color meanings


Light grey means the card is due in more than 24 hours.


Yellow badge means a card is Due soon. (within 24 hours of being due)


Red badge means the card just became Due, and is now Overdue. It will remain red for 24 hours.


Light pink badge means the card has been Overdue for more than 24 hours.

Due date is complete

Green badge means the due date is marked “Complete”.

Due date reminders

Due date reminders are set in the same place as the due date. Select a time from the due date reminder dropdown to receive a reminder on or near the card’s due date, or choose None if you don’t want to be notified. You must set a due date reminder in order to receive a due date notification.


Archived Cards: When a card is archived, notifications for actions related to it will not be sent. This includes due dates. For example, a card set to be due in 3 days is archived today. In 3 days, no notification will be sent for the card being due.


You can use "d" to open the date picker and add, edit, or remove a date and time via the board view.

You can use "s" to quickly watch or stop watching a card. 

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