Using the Calendar Power-Up

With the Calendar Power-Up enabled, you can view your board's cards with due dates in a calendar. You can also enable an iCalendar feed that third-party applications can watch.

Viewing the calendar

Click the Calendar link in the top right of the board to switch to the calendar view. 

    Some things you can do with the Calendar Power-Up:

  • Quickly switch between week and month modes for a more specific or a broader view of cards

  • Drag and drop cards between calendar days to quickly change their due date

  • Click to expand calendar days for a roomier display of cards

Enabling the iCalendar feed

Third-party calendars can import iCalendar (iCal) feeds, which lets you view your board's Trello cards that have due dates in other calendars. To get to the iCalendar feed, open the board menu, click "Power-Ups," then click the tools gear in the "Calendar" section. Next, click on "Enable sync".


You can now copy the URL from "Your personal iCalendar feed."


The iCal feed for a board is generated individually for each board member, though if multiple people watch a single link, they'll all see the calendar in question. Although the calendar view is the same for each member's feed, the reason we generate a new one for each member is so that if someone is removed from a board, we can disable their access to that board's calendar as well.

View all of your boards' calendars on one external calendar

If you want to view all of your boards' calendars on one calendar you could combine multiple iCal feeds into a single calendar view on the external calendar. To do this, enable the iCal feed on each board and add each iCal feed to your external calendar. 

If you don't see the option to generate an iCalendar feed, that setting may not be enabled for the board. A board admin can enable the iCalendar Feed by clicking on the gear icon next to the Calendar Power-Up and clicking on "Enabled" under "Enable iCalendar feed".

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