Sales tax for purchases in Trello

Why are you charging us sales tax, VAT or GST?

Different countries and U.S. states have different tax laws that apply to software services like Trello. In the U.S., some states tax software services when the service provider has employees or some other presence in that state. Trello strives to comply with the applicable laws wherever its service is used.

How do you decide which country or state to charge me tax for?

Tax rates are based on the country and (in the U.S.) zip code information provided with your credit card information.

What if I'm tax-exempt?

Contact our support team, and we'll send you instructions on how to submit your tax exemption information.

You weren't charging me tax before. Why are you now?

Our responsibility to collect and remit taxes for a particular location changes as the laws change and as we hire new employees, establishing a business presence in new locations. As a result, we may be required to collect and remit taxes in locations where we previously did not.

Where do I enter my VAT number?

You will see an option to enter your VAT exemption number during the subscription payment process.

If you have already purchased a Trello subscription and would like VAT to be deducted going forward, open your subscription's Billing page and choose the option to change your credit card number. You can enter your VAT number there and will also need to re-enter your credit card number. VAT paid previously is not automatically refunded, but your credit card is not charged VAT going forward.


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