Mobile: Scan Text

The Scan Text makes it possible to easily enter data into Trello using the camera on your device.

Have a ‘To Do’ list on paper or a chunk of text that you don’t feel like typing into your Trello card? Now you can easily convert it into a card with just a few clicks. Use your camera to scan text in the physical world and bring it into card titles, dates, descriptions, checklists, custom fields, map locations, and more.


Creating a card

Create a card with Scan Text by tapping inside the list where you want the card to appear. To enter a card title, open Scan Text by opening your keyboard and tapping Scan Text. Point your camera at the text you want to bring into the Trello card. Select the desired text and tap on Insert.


Adding a date 

While viewing a card, tap Start date or End date. Tap on Scan a date.


Point your camera at the desired date text. Make any necessary tweaks to the date or time, and tap Insert to add the date to your card.


Adding a location

While viewing a card, tap on the Location section to enter an address. Tap on the search bar and select Scan an address. point your camera to the desired address and tap Insert.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Scan Text?

In order to use Scan Text, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • iPhone (or iPad on iOS 15.1)

  • Running iOS 15 or higher

  • 2018 or Newer Model

  • Has English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Spanish in their list of preferred languages

  • Has ‘Live Text’ enabled under Settings > General > Language & Region

Is Scan Text available for the Trello Android app?

At this time, Scan Text is only available for Trello’s iOS app.

Can I use Scan Text for Custom Fields?

Yep! Tap in the Custom Field and then tap the Scan text option to capture a text or date entry with your camera. Make any necessary tweaks and then tap Insert to add the text to your Custom Field.

Can I use Scan Text for card dates, Custom Field dates, and Advanced Checklist dates?

Yes, Scan Text works for card dates, Custom Field dates, and Advanced Checklist dates!

Can I use Scan Text for scanning checklist items?

Not yet. We are working on it!

What else can I use Scan Text for?

You can create a list, edit the list name, and edit the card name. (Card name edit using Scan Text works on both the board screen and the card back.)

Have any feedback, questions, or problems with Scan Text? Check out the FAQ section first, otherwise, feel free to reach out in the Community or reach out to our team at

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