Trello desktop apps

Trello is available everywhere you are, including a dedicated desktop app for both macOS (10.11 or higher, 64-bit only) and Windows 10. To help keep things organized, you can now keep Trello in its own app window as opposed to a browser tab, which comes with many advantages. 

Just like Trello on the web, the Trello desktop apps require an active internet connection and do not support offline syncing.


Installing the Trello desktop apps

Trello for Mac is available from the Mac App Store and Trello for Windows from the Windows Store for free!

Benefits of a native app

Because Trello is running as its own process and not part of your browser, you can specify a global shortcut that will always bring you to Trello, no matter what else you're doing. This shortcut is customizable, to make sure it doesn't conflict with something else.

While Trello supports browser notifications, using the Trello desktop apps allows you to receive native notifications for your operating system.



On macOS, for example, this also allows for the dock icon to update dynamically with a notification badge showing unread activity, as well as display an icon in the menu bar giving you easy access to Trello.


Quick add

Similar to the global shortcut, you can specify also specify a keyboard shortcut to a Quick Add dialog box. No matter what else you're doing on your computer, you can use the Quick Add dialog to add a new card to Trello at any time.


Touch Bar

If you're using a Touch Bar compatible MacBook Pro, the Trello macOS desktop app will display handy shortcuts here, allowing you to quickly open a new Trello window in the app, create a new card on any board, and move forward and backward in your history.


You can also tap the Boards button to see and immediately open the first four of your starred boards.


The menu bar

As a native app, Trello macOS desktop app allows for a dedicated menubar with custom keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to define a Default Board that can open whenever you open the desktop app.


If you need to share a board's URL with someone, Trello's built-in methods for finding the URL are all still there (see  Sharing links to cards, boards, comments and actions), but you can also use the menu item "Copy Current URL" from the Edit menu, which will copy the URL of the board or card you're currently viewing straight to the clipboard:


Keyboard shortcuts

In addition to Trello's regular  keyboard shortcuts, the Trello desktop apps have custom keyboard shortcuts available:




Launch Trello from anywhere

Cmd + Opt + T

Ctrl + Alt + T

Add a card from anywhere

Ctrl + Opt + Space

Ctrl + Alt + Space

Open Boards page

Cmd + Shift + B

Ctrl + Shift + B

Open My Cards page

Cmd + Shift + M

Ctrl + Shift + M

Set current board as default

Cmd + Shift + D

Ctrl + Shift + D

Go to default board

Cmd + D

Ctrl + D

Jump to starred boards (first 9)

Cmd + 1-9

Ctrl + 1-9

Copy URL of board or card

Cmd + Opt + C

Ctrl + Alt + C

Open URL of board or card 

Cmd + Opt + V

Ctrl + Alt + V

Go back to previous board

Cmd + [

Ctrl + [

Go forward to next board

Cmd + ]

Ctrl + [

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