Moving cards or lists

You can move cards and lists within a board and you can even change the board to which they belong. You can also re-order checklists.

Moving cards

The most straightforward way to move a card is to simply click and drag the card up and down in the same list or between lists.


Click and drag a card to move it on the board

To move a card to a different board, click the context menu in the top right of the card and choose "Move."


You can move a card to another board from the card's menu.

You can also click the card to open it, then choose "Move" on the back of the card.

Moving Lists

Just like cards, you can click and drag a list to move it within a board.


Click and drag lists to rearrange them.

To move a list to a different position on the board, click the context menu in the upper right of the list and then choose "Move List."


You can also move lists to other boards from the list's menu. Click on the current board to select the new target board or adjust the list position by clicking on 'Position'


NOTE: When a list is moved to another board, we’ll copy card descriptions, checklists, attachments, and comments. We won’t copy card history/activity. Members of cards that aren't members of the target board will be removed from those cards when the list is moved.

Bulk List Actions

If you want to move or archive all the cards in the list, without affecting the list itself, use "Move All Cards in This List..." and "Archive All Cards in This List...".


Enterprise restrictions

Cards and lists that belong to a Trello Enterprise cannot move to boards outside of an Enterprise Workspace.

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