Manage your default Workspace

A default Workspace is the first Workspace new Enterprise users will be a member of, and allow them to use Enterprise features immediately. After you grant a license to a new Enterprise member, they’ll automatically be added to the default Workspace.

How a default Workspace works

Default Workspaces work like other Enterprise Workspaces, except that:

  • New Enterprise members will be added to the default workspace. Existing Enterprise members won’t be added automatically.

  • Claiming a non-Enterprise Workspace or a Workspace with a pending upgrade request won’t add its members to the Default Workspace too. Learn about upgrading Workspaces.

  • If your default Workspace reaches its member limit of 4000 members, a new default Workspace will be created automatically. You can create or select a new default Workspace before it reaches the member limit if you want to avoid this.

Once they are granted a license, new Enterprise members can use premium Trello features and will be subject to any security restrictions you’ve set.

Change the default Workspace in your Enterprise

Select or create a new Workspace that has:

To change your default Workspace:

  1. Go to your Trello Enterprise Admin Dashboard.

  2. On the left, under Workspaces, click Default Workspace.

  3. Click Change.

  4. Select a new default Workspace.

What happens when you change your default Workspace

When you grant a license to new members, they’ll automatically be added to your new default Workspace. Members of the former default Workspace won’t be moved to the new default Workspace.

Additional Help