Moving your Workspace

Note: Your organization is being rolled out incrementally. If you’re not seeing your organization in Trello, check back at a later date.

You must be an admin of the Workspace to make these changes.

Moving a Workspace into your organization

All Workspaces that are shared within your company should live within your organization. This makes it easy for team members to know where they can find and request to join shared Workspaces. If a Workspace is not in your organization, consider moving it to make it accessible for your teams.


Moving a Workspace

To move an external Workspace into your organization, follow the steps below. 

Note: If you don’t see a settings icon on the Workspace tile, this means you are not an admin of this Workspace. Ask an admin to complete these steps instead.

  1. Navigate to external Workspaces by selecting the Switch to external Workspaces

  2. Select the settings icon on the Workspace tile that you’d like to move

  3. Select Move Workspace. Alternatively, you can select Move and keep private.

Moving a Workspace into your organization does not automatically mean other team members can view content in the Workspace. They will still need to request to join the Workspace, before exploring its boards, members, and contents. 

Moving a Workspace

Enterprise users: Moving Workspace outside of your organization 

All Workspaces will be covered by your Enterprise’s security settings, regardless of whether you or others choose to move them inside or outside of your organization. Enterprise admins also have the option in the Enterprise admin dashboard to disable the setting that lets users set a Workspace as organization-visible.

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