Trello Dashcards

Inside of Trello Premium or Trello Enterprise Workspaces you can setup alerts for your Dashcards. Alerts allow you to be notified, via Slack or email, of select changes to your Dashcard.

Note: Only the creator of a Dashcard can currently setup alerts on it. If you aren't the creator and want to alerts setup you can either coordinate with the creator, or you can clone the Dashcard for yourself and setup alerts on the copy.

Alerting Conditions:

You can setup numerous alerts on a Dashcard, and those can specify one of four alerting conditions:

Dashcard Alert Conditions

So for example, if I had a Dashcard tracking unassigned cards, and I wanted to be emailed any time one of those cards is assigned, I could setup the following alert:

Dashcard Alert

Slack Alerts:

In addition to sending emails, you can setup the alerts to be sent to select Slack channels or DMs to Slack members. To get started with Slack alerts, you'll need to authorize a channel or DM with the + button:

Dashcard Slack Alerts

Once you've completed the Slack authorization step for your desired channel or DM, you'll be able to select it from the dropdown:

Dashcard Slack Alerts

You can authorize as many channels or DMs as you'd like. Each time you'd like to authorize a new one, use the + button.

Dashcards will send a message to the selected Slack targets when the alert criteria is met:

Note: Dashcards only has permission to post messages to the Slack locations that you explicitly authorize. Dashcards will not and cannot read any of your Slack messages or history.

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