Using Emoji reactions in Trello

You can now react to comments with Emojis right within Trello. It's a great way to give quick feedback and so much fun!

Adding an emoji reaction to a comment

Open the card in question and scroll down to the comments. You'll see the option to add an emoji reaction:


The number will automatically update if any other users react with the same or different emoji. You will be able to react with an emoji on any card that you have permissions to comment on.

Removing an emoji reaction

Clicking on an existing reaction that youΒ have added removes a count from that reaction. If it was the only reaction, the emoji will be removed.

At this time, the following emojis are available:

πŸ‘ = Agreement
πŸ‘Ž = Disagreement
πŸ™Œ = Encourage/Praise/Celebration
πŸ™ = Please/Thank you /Pray
πŸ‘€ = Reviewing/Looking/Seen
πŸš€= Ship it!
πŸ† = Praise / Celebration
😊 = Happy/Pleased
πŸ˜‚ = Joke / funny
😍 = In love
❀️ = In love
πŸ’” = Sad/Disappointed

We are looking to add support for many more emojis in the near future, so stay tuned!

Additional Help