Collaborator Limit for Free Workspaces

We’re making some changes to free Workspaces. Workspaces on our Free plan are now limited to 10 collaborators. We’re also making some changes to admin capabilities in free Workspaces to make managing your users easier!

What is a Collaborator?

A collaborator is anyone who’s been invited to a board in your Workspace or the Workspace itself. This includes:

  • Workspace members

  • Workspace guests (board members who aren’t members of your Workspace. This includes single-board guests and multi-board guests)

  • Pending board and Workspace invites

Who doesn’t count as a collaborator?

  • Anyone who’s only a member of closed boards in your Workspace

  • Deactivated accounts

  • Deactivated Workspace members

Anyone who’s requested to join your Workspace or a board in your Workspace, and isn’t already a member of any other boards in the Workspace or the Workspace itself, won’t be counted until you approve their request.

How can I check how many collaborators are in my Workspace?

You can see how many collaborators are in your Workspace by going to the Members page for the Workspace, you’ll see the number of collaborators in the sidebar.

You can check how many Collaborators are in your workspace in the sidebar of the Workspace Members page.

What if my Workspace has more than 10 collaborators?

If your Workspace already has 10 or more collaborators, you won’t be able to add any new collaborators to your boards or Workspaces. If you don’t want to add more collaborators, then you won’t need to make any changes yet.

From May 20, 2024, if your Workspace has more than 10 collaborators, the boards in this Workspace will become view-only. You’ll be able to see any of the boards in the Workspace you have access to but won’t be able to make changes.

These changes will also apply to any Workspaces that are downgraded from any of our paid plans to the free plan.

What can I do about this?

Our paid plans allow you to have an unlimited number of collaborators in a Workspace. You can view each of our plans, as well as the features available with them on our pricing page:

We also offer discounts for Educational and Non-Profit customers in case you’re thinking of upgrading. You can find out more about these discounts here.

If your company are already using Trello with our Enterprise plan, you can use the steps here to request to add your Workspace to the Enterprise so you can have more than 10 collaborators. If you’re not able to do this, you’ll need to reach out to your Enterprise Admins (this is normally your IT team) to get them to do this for you.

Removing collaborators from your Workspace

We’ve added new capabilities for Admins of free Workspaces in Trello so make it easier to manage the collaborators in your Workspace.

Removing Workspace members

  1. Go to the Members page on your Workspace

  2. Find the collaborator you want to remove in the list and click the Remove button

  3. Click on Remove from Workspace

  4. Once you’ve removed them as a Workspace member, you’ll need to use the steps below to remove them from the boards in the Workspace

Removing Workspace guests

  1. Go to the Members page on your Workspace

  2. Select the Guests tab on the left side

  3. Find the collaborator you want to remove in the list

  4. Click on the Remove button

  5. Click on Remove from Workspace

What happens when I remove collaborators from my Workspace?

When you remove a collaborator from your Workspace, they’ll be removed from all of the boards in that Workspace. This means they won’t be able to see these unless the board's Visibility is set to Public and they won’t be able to make any changes to the board.

If removing a Collaborator means you're below the 10 collaborator limit, you’ll also be able to invite new collaborators to your boards and Workspace.

If the collaborator you’ve removed is the only admin on the board, Trello will check if there’s any Workspace members on the board who can be promoted to admin instead:

  • If there is a Workspace member remaining on the board, we’ll promote them to admin automatically.

  • If there is not a Workspace member remaining on the board and the board's visibility is set to either Workspace Visible or Public, the Workspace admin who’s removing the collaborator will be added to the board as the new admin.

If there is not a Workspace member remaining on the board and the board’s visibility is set to Private, the collaborator won’t be removed from this board but the board will be closed instead. Members of closed boards don't count toward the collaborator limit.

If this happens, the board admin will be able to reopen this board in a different Workspace. When boards are moved to a different Workspace, the board members no longer count towards the collaborator limit for the original Workspace.

While these boards are closed, they also won’t count towards the 10 board limit for free Workspaces.

How does this affect my Premium or Standard Workspaces?

It doesn’t. Only workspaces on our free plan will be limited to 10 collaborators. That being said, if you choose to downgrade to our free plan at a later date, then you’ll be limited to 10 collaborators in your Workspace from the point your subscription ends.

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