Using keyboard shortcuts in Trello

Trello has keyboard shortcuts! Go to to see what they are.

You can also press Shift + ? on your keyboard while in Trello to view a list of shortcuts.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • b opens the boards menu and lets you search for boards instantly. Press b, type the first few letters of the board you’re looking for, press enter, and you’re there. It’s the fastest way to switch boards.

  • f opens the card filter while on a board. You can instantly start searching for cards by title. The filter will also suggest members and labels, so you can start typing “da” and it will suggest Daniel. Press enter to see cards assigned to him. Press x to clear a filter.

  • t will edit the card title. You can press it while on the card back, or hover over a card, and the card will open up and then begin editing the chosen field.

  • j and k select the card above or below the current card. So do the up and down arrows.

  • Press n while hovering over any card to open the card composer right below the selected card.

  • c while hovering over a card will archive that card.

  • holding Shift while scrolling with your mouse will allow you to scroll left and right on a board.

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