How to use advanced checklists to set due dates

Advanced checklists allows you to assign a due date and a person to individual checklist items and see all of your assigned checklist items in Your Items

Checklist items represent smaller, broken-down items within a larger task. The ability to specify and assign each checklist item increases visibility and, importantly, accountability for who’s doing what, and when. Being able to add even more context to your cards means it’s now easier to than ever to keep your tasks and projects organized in Trello. 


Your Items

The checklist items that have been assigned to you will show up on Home in a section called ‘ Your Items’—making it super simple for you to keep an eye on assigned tasks across your Trello boards.

To navigate to ‘Your Items’ within Trello, click the Trello icon in the top left corner, then go to the Home tab in the left-hand navigation. There you will be able to view all of the checklist items assigned to you across all your boards, in order by due date.


Checklist due dates

Have multiple due dates on a checklist? You can view the fastest approaching due date across all checklist items on the card front.


Notifications For Advanced Checklists

You’ll receive notifications for Advanced Checklists if:

  • You are assigned to a checklist item.

  • A due date is added or changed on a checklist item you’re assigned to.

  • A due date is coming up or past due for checklist items you’re assigned to.

Notifications will be sent via email, and will show up in the in-app notifications feed. Push Notification for iOS and Android is not yet available.

Checklist items on the Calendar

You can view all of your checklist items that have dates assigned to them via the board's Calendar.


Automation for advanced checklists

Advanced checklist items can also be synced using Automation, Trello’s automation functionality.

You can use Automation with advanced checklists to:

  • Automatically assign an item to a member.

  • Automatically set a due date to an item.

So some example use cases might be:

  • Rules: you will be able to automatically assign and set deadlines in response to a new item being added to a checklist.

  • Card buttons: you will be able to create a button that adds an item to a checklists and assigns it and/or sets its due date.

What else?

  • When converting an item to a card, the due date and assigned member will be automatically assigned to the newly created card.

  • You can also use assign people and dates to checklist items with Card Templates.

  • When setting a Due date in a checklist item, the Due time is automatically set to 6pm local time of whoever set the Due date. Due time can be edited in the iOS and Android versions of Trello.


I don’t see the ability to assign people and dates to my checklist items. 

Make sure the board is inside a Standard, Premium, or Enterprise Workspace. Advanced checklists are only available on boards within those Workspaces, and can only be set by a Workspace member. If you are interested in trying Premium, you can now do so for free for 14 days. Learn more

Why can’t I assign more than one person to a checklist item? 

You can only assign one person to an advanced checklist item. Advanced checklists are more about accountability and finer granularity. If multiple people are assigned, there’s less accountability and more confusion about who’s supposed to be doing what. If more than one person need to do a particular task we suggest creating separate checklist items for each individual. That way, every person will see the task in ‘Your Items’ and can mark their contributions complete when they’re done!

Will I get notifications? 

Yes! You will receive notification when:

  • You are assigned to a checklist item.

  • A due date is added or changed on a checklist item you’re assigned to.

  • A due date is coming up or past due for checklist items you’re assigned to.

Can I add Guests to checklist items? 


How can I provide feedback about advanced checklists? 

You’ll find feedback links within your Trello boards in the assignment menus and within ‘Your Items’. We hope you’ll explore this new feature and leave us feedback along the way! 

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