Repeating an action in Trello

If you have a workflow with lots of simple, repetitive actions, try using the `R` keyboard shortcut while viewing or hovering over a card to automatically repeat that action. For example, if you add a member to a card, you can press `R` while viewing another card to add that same member to the new card! You can do this over several cards quickly by hovering over each one and pressing `R`, or use the `j/k` or arrow shortcuts to navigate from card to card.

Pro tip: if you have a series of complex actions that you’d like to repeat, try using a Automation card action or rule!

Supported Actions

Currently, only the following card actions can be repeated:

  • Joining a card

  • Leaving a card

  • Adding a member to a card

  • Removing a member from a card

  • Moving a card

  • Adding a label

  • Removing a label

  • Archiving a card

  • Unarchiving a card

  • Renaming a card

  • Updating a description

  • Setting a due date

Note that actions that aren’t included in this list at this time will be ignored when repeating an action. If you have an action you’d really like to see added to this list, let us know over at!

Additional Help