Removing a member from a board

To remove a member from a board, open the “Share board” screen by clicking the “Share” button right beside the board’s members list, and then select the “Remove from board” option from the member’s permission dropdown menu:

Board share modal showing the Remove from board option
Board share modal requesting confirmation to remove member from board

When a member is removed from a board, the member will be removed from all cards on the board. This simply means they will no longer be a member of those cards. However, any other actions on the board (e.g. comments, checking off an item on a checklist, etc.) will remain. For example, if the member left comments on the back of the card, the comments will remain even if the member is removed from the board.

To remove a member from all boards in a Premium Workspasce, see  Removing people from a Workspace.

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