Printing in Trello

Trello offers limited printing support, but you can print both an entire board and individual cards.

To print the entire board, which will print the front of every card on the board, open the right side Board Menu, and click on "Print, export, and Share". Then choose "Print...":


To print an individual card, open the card, and under the "Actions" section on the right side of the card, choose "Share". Then click "Print..." from the menu:


More Options

Everyone's printing needs are a little different, so for more flexibility, you can think about a few alternatives, depending on what solves your need best.

  • There are several Chrome extensions that can help print with more customization. These types of extensions are third-party add-ons, and not affiliated with Trello in any way, so we can't guarantee that they'll always continue to work. That is the responsibility of the developer.

  • There are also third-party Power-Ups that offer more printing options. Power-Ups integrate more natively with Trello, though these are still third-party products, built and maintained outside of Trello. You can view a search for these here.

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