Changing your email address

Your Trello account is accessed using your Atlassian account email address. To change the email address you use with Trello, change the email in your Atlassian Account. This will also change the email address that you use to log into other Atlassian products: Changing Atlassian account email.

Please note: It is not possible to change an email credential to an email address that is already in use with another Trello account.

Using a company email address on your Trello account

Many people use Trello for personal life and to collaborate with teams at work. We recommend to keep your personal and work content in separate Trello accounts.

If your account is only used for personal reasons or you no longer work at the organization, use a personal email address. By changing your email address to a personal email, your Trello account will remain a personal account.

If you're using a company email address on your Trello account and the organization who owns the domain (everything after the @ in your email address) has verified the domain on their Atlassian organization, the organization admin will have the ability to manage your Trello account. This means they could deactivate or delete the Trello account at any time.

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