Changing your language in Trello

What languages are available on Trello

Trello is currently available in over 20 languages:

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.

Selecting a different language on Trello

To switch to a different language, log in to Trello, then click on your avatar or initials in the top right corner of the page to open your user menu. From there, click on Settings, and then click on "Change Language". Depending on your account, this will either bring up a menu for your to choose a new language, or it will open your Atlassian account settings page so you can change your language there.

Mobile app

Switching language for our Trello mobile apps isn't currently an option. Trello will automatically use the language that you've selected as the system language for your device. In case you select a non supported language as your primary, the app looks for the next preferred language set on the phone that we support.


Additional Help