Importing/removing Butler Bot commands for legacy accounts

Note: Butler Bot is no longer officially supported. If you're starting out with Automation, you won’t be able to use the legacy functionality. See Automation overview guide to learn more about automating your Trello workflows with Automation in Trello. 

Commands in Butler Bot vs. Automation in Trello 

Before importing your Butler Bot commands, it is important to understand the distinction between a Butler Bot command and an automation in Trello's built-in version of Automation.

In Butler Bot, a command takes the form of a card on a Trello board, where the command itself is the title of the card. These Butler Bot commands are performed by the Butler Bot user and are tracked in the board’s activity log. You can view the activity log by clicking the Butler Bot icon at the top of your board and then selecting View member's board activity


There are also global Butler Bot commands that are created via the Butler Bot dashboard. Global Butler Bot commands are enabled on any of the boards to which you have invited Butler Bot. 

Note: Any user on the board can modify or delete Butler Bot commands because they are just cards on the board.

In the built-in version of Automation, you can view and modify your commands from within the Butler directory. To open the directory, select the Automation button at the top of your board.


In Automation in Trello, automations can only be modified by the user who created them, but that user will be able to see their automations on all boards they are a member of.

Using Butler Bot command importer

Note: Currently, only Rules, Calendar, and Due Date commands can be imported to Automation in Trello. Global Butler Bot commands, Dash cards, and Scripts will not appear in the command importer.

To import or remove the Butler Bot commands you have on a board, use the Butler Bot command importer:

1. Open the Butler directory, and then select the Open Importer link.


2. Go to the command that you'd like to import, and then click the Import command icon.


After you import the automation, it will be moved to Butler in Trello, and the existing Trello card for that automation will be archived to avoid duplication. The imported automation will be performed by your account instead of the @butlerbot user. 

You can view and manage the imported automation in the Butler directory on the respective command tab— RulesCalendar, or Due Date

Note: Trello's built-in version of Automation supports editing of most imported Butler Bot commands. However, some imported Butler Bot commands may not be editable once imported.

You can inspect the automation in the Automation Log by clicking the lightbulb icon in the upper-left corner of that automation.


To cancel your legacy Butler Bot subscription and move over to the in-built version of Automation, open the Butler directory then click 'Account'. From there, you should be able to able to cancel the legacy subscription.


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