Butler quotas and limits

Butler is available to all Trello accounts at no additional cost but it has some quotas that are tied to Trello paid. All Trello plans have pooled Workspace/Enterprise quotas. This quota is shared by all the users who belong to the Workspace/Enterprise and it applies to all boards that are part of the Workspace/Enterprise. However, depending on your Trello subscription, you'll have different Butler features and quotas available. 

If you belong to a Standard Workspace, Premium Workspace, or Enterprise organization, you'll be able to use commands that work with advanced checklists and Custom Fields. Administrators of Premium or Enterprise workspaces can additionally disable commands on behalf of other users

Note: The legacy bot (Butler Bot) can't use the operations from Premium or Enterprise accounts. You can move your legacy commands to the built-in version of Butler by using the Butler Bot command importer.  

You can check out your Butler quotas in the Butler directory, on the Account tab. For more detail, see Opening the Butler Usage Log.

Quota details

The main Butler quota command runs—the number of times your commands can run in a given month. Every click on a card or board button, triggering of a rule, or execution of a scheduled command counts as a command run. 

In addition to the command runs quota, Butler also enforces an operations quota but it is set high enough so you don't generally need to worry about hitting it. Each command run may use one or more operations. For example, a command may set a label and a due date on a card, and that counts as two operations every time it runs. Most actions consume one operation, but some actions, like sorting a list, may require multiple operations.

Additionally, if you use the "send email" action, Butler enforces an email quota, which determines the maximum number of emails that Butler will send in a given month. There is a limit of 50 recipients per action. Note that the quota is consumed per email sent, not per action, so for example, sending an email to all board members, will consume 1 quota unit per board member.

The following are Butler quotas for different Trello plans.






Command runs per month





Operations per month



10,000 per paid user, capped at 250,000

10,000 per user

Emails per month



1,000 per paid user, capped at 100,000

1,000 per paid user, capped at 100,000

Quota pooling

Pooled for all Workspace members

Pooled for all Workspace members

Pooled for all Workspace members

Pooled across all Enterprise members

Note: Quotas reset on the first day of every month at midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Other limits

To protect our systems and prevent strain on Trello’s resources, we apply some limits such as a rate limit on the maximum number of command runs per minute, a limit on the number of cards a single command run will affect, a limit on the total number of actions and operations performed by a single command run (currently 20 for all plans), and others. We reserve the right to change these limits at any time without notice to improve the performance of the system.

Butler also has a storage limit for the number of commands you can generally create. The available storage depends on the size of created commands—a command that performs several actions will use more storage than a command that performs only one or two. However, Trello users rarely reach this limit so you don't need to worry about these storage restrictions.

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