Exporting data from Trello

Board export

All board members can export a board to raw JSON format. JSON format is not easily read by humans but lends itself well to technical use. Boards in Premium Workspaces can be exported to CSV format, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program. It is not currently possible to import JSON or CSV formats to re-create a Trello board. 

Board export options are available under Menu > More > Print and Export

Export options in Trello under a workspace with Export As JSON selected

For more information about how to read Trello's JSON export, please see Making Sense of Trello's JSON Export.

The JSON and CSV exports include the 1000 most recent actions on a board, which includes comments. To export all comments, use the Export all boards within a Workspace option below.

Comments aren't included in the CSV export. Spreadsheets aren't ideal for storing "many-to-one" data like comments, where one item can have multiple comments, but you can find all the comments in our JSON export. This format handles complex data structures better. We recommend using Firefox or a dedicated JSON viewer app to view the JSON files easily.

Export all boards within a Workspace

With Trello Premium, you can export all the boards in your Workspace in both CSV and JSON format. In your Workspace Settings, there’s a dropdown option for Export. you can create a new export and review previous exports.


Include Attachments

If you want to download all attachments from your Workspace, check the "Include raw attachments…" checkbox before creating your export. Attachments will be included in their original formats within a ZIP file in your download.

Please note that you'll need to be a Workspace admin to access the "Export" option. See trello.com/premium to learn more.

Export to Excel / Spreadsheets

With Trello Premium, you can export information from your board in .CSV format, which can be opened in spreadsheet applications like Excel. Each user in a Premium Workspace has the ability to export the board as a CSV.

Print and Export window with the Export as CSV option selected in Trello

Heads up! On Jan 25th, 2024, we introduced a change to stop exporting archived cards. The CSV export option will now export just the visible cards.

If you want the export to have archived cards, you need to remove the ?cards=visible parameter from the export URL, for example:

This link does not include archived cards - https://trello.com/b/wlgFnMID.csv?cards=visible

This link includes - https://trello.com/b/wlgFnMID.csv

Personal Data Export

In addition to the above, we also have an article to help you export your personal data.


You can find some third-party Power-ups to help you export and back up your data in our directory here.

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