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To activate Atlassian Intelligence in your products, join the beta program waitlist. Some AI features may not be ready yet, but they will be soon.

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What is Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence for Trello is a new virtual teammate to help you and your team to work more effectively. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Atlassian Intelligence is a tool that is integrated into our cloud-based products.

The quality, accuracy, and reliability of information generated by Atlassian Intelligence may vary. You can learn why here.

What can I use Atlassian Intelligence for?

Atlassian Intelligence in Trello can freely generate new content in your card’s descriptions and comments. It can be used to help you brainstorm new content, summarize or shorten the content you already have, find action items in your content, and improve your spelling and grammar.

Atlassian Intelligence for Trello is a powerful tool that can help your team save time and improve their productivity.

How do I enable Atlassian Intelligence?

You can learn how your Workspace admin can enable Atlassian Intelligence in your Standard or Premium workspace at Activate Atlassian Intelligence for your Trello Workspace .

If you’re running into any issues enabling Atlassian Intelligence, please reach out to Trello Support at

How do I use Atlassian Intelligence?

Explore the possibilities of Atlassian Intelligence for generating new content or improving existing text. Follow the steps below to make the most of this tool:

Generate new content with Atlassian Intelligence

You can create new content in your cards' descriptions and comments using Atlassian Intelligence. You can do this by clicking the Atlassian Intelligence button in the toolbar of your editor while editing a card’s description or creating / editing a comment. When this button is clicked, the Atlassian Intelligence pop up will appear, which will allow you to generate new content based on the prompt you enter.

Screenshot of Atlassian Intelligence in a Trello card's description, with a cursor over the Atlassian Intelligence icon

Frequently asked questions

How do I give feedback on Atlassian Intelligence?

Our customers play a vital role in helping us improve Atlassian Intelligence. If you come across any inappropriate responses, please use the 👍 👎 buttons and leave us feedback to flag them for our team.

You can also reach out to provide us with feedback on this feature at

How do I learn more about Atlassian Intelligence?

You can learn more about Atlassian Intelligence at Get started with Atlassian Intelligence as well as in Atlassian’s Trust Center at

Atlassian Intelligence follows our Responsible Technology Principles, which you can read here.

My organization has a Trello Enterprise subscription. Can I use Atlassian Intelligence in Trello?

At this time, Atlassian Intelligence is not available for Enterprise customers.

I am not subscribed to any Trello subscription. Can I use Atlassian Intelligence in Trello?

At this time, Atlassian Intelligence is only available to select Standard and Premium customers.

You’re welcome to start a 14-day free trial of Premium at

If you continue a Standard or Premium subscription, you may be eligible to join the Early Access Program for Atlassian Intelligence in Trello. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to Trello Support at

I have a Standard/Premium subscription but I don’t have access to Atlassian Intelligence. Can I join the Early Access Program?

You are welcome to request to join the Early Access Program. You can submit this request at

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