Workspaces migration for managed Enterprise members

The information in this article is only relevant for Trello Enterprise Administrators and Enterprise managed members. The changes outlined here will have no effect on Trello accounts not managed by a company's Trello Enterprise subscription.

What’s happening?

Starting on September 1st, 2021, we're migrating all personal boards associated with Enterprise managed members into an Enterprise Workspace.

The new Workspace will be titled “Migrated Personal Boards 1”. If there are more than 500 boards, another will be created titled “Migrated Personal Boards 2” (and so on). 

When boards are moved into this Workspace, the boards’ visibility and permissions, such as who can access it, are not affected.

Why is this happening?

This help article explains the overall Workspace structure in more detail: Moving to Workspaces

Over the past year, Trello has been improving consistency and user experience by requiring that all boards are in a Workspace. 

For a large part of this process, Trello has been moving personal boards (boards not in a Workspace) to a Workspace automatically for users. We’re now in the stage where this will happen for Enterprise managed accounts. Due to that management, the process will function differently from the migration for non-managed Trello accounts.

Trello Enterprise has already followed this model (Enterprise > Workspaces > Boards) to a certain degree, but it’s been possible up to this point for managed members to still create personal boards, which existed outside of the Enterprise. Now, all boards must be in a Workspace, so we’re moving any personal boards into an Enterprise Workspace automatically.

What do I have to do?

Trello Enterprise is designed to be a secure space that holds all company related Trello content. The expectation is that if a person is using their company-owned Trello account, then it is for work related purposes. Conversely, use of Trello for non-work purposes should be done in a separate, non-managed personal account.

There is no specific action required for Enterprise Admins. However, we recommend informing your managed members of these upcoming changes. If they have non-work content (eg. a vacation planning board) associated with their work account, that should be moved to a separate personal account before the migration takes effect.

The steps for a managed member to move content are:

  1. Create a personal Trello account (if one doesn’t exist already).

  2. Invite the personal account as an admin to the board(s) in question.

  3. Remove the company account from the board(s).

Once a board is within an Enterprise Workspace, all of the Enterprise’s permissions and restrictions will apply to it. That also means it can’t be taken out of the Enterprise. An Enterprise admin can reach out to Trello Support if they want help with removing certain boards from the Enterprise.


What is a personal board?

A personal board is a board not associated with any Trello Workspace. The term personal does not necessarily mean the content within the board is for non-work use.

Can an Enterprise opt out of these changes?

No, this migration will affect all Enterprise managed members.

What is a managed Enterprise member?

A managed Enterprise member is a Trello account that is governed by the Enterprise due to a domain claim made on the email address associated with the account. 

Will this result in additional licenses being used?

No. The Workspace(s) created automatically will not have any new members added to it, thus no licenses will be consumed.

Why are you giving me access to these boards?

Technically, Enterprise admins have always had access to personal boards that were created by managed members. However, those could only be accessed if the admin had a link directly to the board.

This migration does not change who can access the boards, but it does allow Enterprise admins easier discovery of them. 

Once a board is within an Enterprise Workspace, it can’t manually be moved outside of the Enterprise. Enterprise admins can reach out to Trello Support if they need help removing certain boards.

Can’t you just skip a member’s non-work content?

No. We can’t see the content of a board, therefore we have no way of knowing whether or not it is work related. Instead, we can only decide based on the ownership of the account.

Why do I have these permissions as an Enterprise admin?

An Enterprise admin is considered the super admin for the entire space. The role is designed to have permission to see and govern all Workspaces and boards within it. That doesn’t necessarily mean an admin is expected to look at every board in the Enterprise, but the capability exists. If a managed Enterprise member has non-work content that they don’t want an Enterprise admin to possibly see, that content should not be kept in the Enterprise in the first place. Instead, it should be kept in a separate personal account.

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