Mobile push notification settings for Trello

The push notification settings within the app won’t have any impact when receiving a notifications from people who joined your board or Workspace through a shareable link.

In Trello’s Notification Settings, you can choose from 15 different actions in Trello that will trigger a push notification at card, board, workspace, and invitation levels of activity. 

A list of mobile notification options by category on the Trello iOS app menu.


Configure push notification settings for iOS

In the Trello app for iOS, tap the Notification tab, then tap the Settings icon near the top right corner. Select actions you definitely want to be notified about and deselect actions you’d rather not be notified of in a push notification on your mobile device.

You can navigate to Trello’s Notification Settings from the iOS Settings menu > Notifications > Trello, scroll the the bottom and tap Trello Notification Settings to pop open the Trello App and choose exactly which actions you want push notifications about.

Configure push notification settings in Android (for Android version 8.0 and above)

In the Trello app for Android, view your Notifications and tap the Settings icon near the top right corner. Tap the Push notification settings option. Tap on each category to view the additional setting options or toggle the category on/off using the switch.



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