Cloud Terms of Service - FAQs

Trello is adopting Atlassian's Cloud Terms of Service. In order to help communicate what is changing, we've prepared a summary of some of the key changes and this page to help answer some questions about the changes.  

When will the new terms will take effect for me?  

The new terms go into effect on November 1, 2018, for free accounts and paid plans. For existing customers of paid plans, the updates are subject to any terms in your agreement with us that govern updates to your agreement.  

Why have the Trello terms changed?  

We've changed our terms to better align with the rest of the Atlassian cloud products and to provide more detail on our current practices.  We encourage you to read the terms in their entirety, as they include important guidelines and limitations.  

Do I need to do anything to keep my Trello terms live (or running) under the new terms? 

You may be asked to click to accept the new terms.  Otherwise, you are not required to take any action and you’ll be able to use Trello as usual.  

What can I do if I don't like your new terms?  

If you don't want to agree to the new terms, you may cancel your account (but we would hate to see you go!).  For customers of paid plans, please note that refunds would only apply where expressly specified in your agreement with us.  

I have some other questions. Where do I go?  

We’re more than happy to help.  We've provided a summary of key changes here.  You can also visit to get in touch with our friendly support team.  

Still need help?

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