Removing an Enterprise License from a user

An Enterprise member can have their license removed by this process, making them a free user again, not having access to Enterprise content or features.

Note: when a user's license is removed following the steps below, they will also be removed from all boards and cards they were previously a member of. If you would like the user to become a guest, they will need to be invited to the same boards and assigned to the same cards again after the license is removed.

1) Open your Trello Enterprise Admin Dashboard

In the Dashboard, find the Account Administration section and open your list of Enterprise Members:


2) Find the user whose license should be removed

With the user located, Deactivate the user:


3) Navigate to the Deactivated Accounts:


4) Remove the deactivated user from the Enterprise:


That's it! The user is now a free Trello user and can be added to boards as a guest. If they are invited to an Enterprise Workspace again they will be granted a new license.

If you can manage users on, remove their access to Trello on


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