Upgrading an Enterprise Workspace

Trello Enterprise supports adding multiple Workspaces to your single subscription, under one large umbrella, and offers a few ways for your company's Workspaces to get upgraded and added to your Enterprise.

Claiming Workspaces

On the Enterprise Dashboard, an Enterprise Admin can see Workspaces on their domain that aren't yet a part of the Enterprise, and add them:

NonEnterprise Workspaces settings

A Workspace needs to meet the following criteria to be added to the Enterprise:

Adding a Workspace to an Enterprise will grant an Enterprise license to all Workspace members. You'll see a listing of how many licenses will be assigned by adding this Workspace to the Enterprise.

If adding a Workspace will result in the Enterprise's seat cap being exceeded, you won't be able to add the Workspace until you purchase more seats, or remove some of the Workspace members before adding the Workspace.

Requesting a Workspace upgrade

Both Licensed and Free Managed Members can request a Workspace upgrade using the instructions below.

Once the user is managed by an Enterprise, they can request to have an Enterprise admin upgrade their other free, Standard, or Premium Workspaces. Once upgraded, the Workspace will have access to the Trello Enterprise features, and be under any security restrictions set by Enterprise administrators.

A Workspace admin can request a Workspace be upgraded to an Enterprise Workspace on the Workspace settings page. To open the Workspace settings, expand the sidebar and select Settings, and then Workspace settings. From there, under “Add to Enterprise”, click on Request.

If the admin is a member of more than one Enterprise, then they can select the appropriate Enterprise from the drop-down menu.

Once requested, the request button will show a pending status and an option to cancel the request if it was made accidentally.

Handling user restrictions

If you request for a Workspace to join an Enterprise but the Workspace contains members that do not meet the security restrictions set by an Enterprise admin, those members will be deactivated when the Workspace is approved to join the Enterprise. These user restrictions are based on the domain of the email addresses associated with Workspace members’ Trello accounts. 

Enterprise admins can restrict Workspace membership by:

  • Managed members: Only members managed by the Enterprise are allowed on Workspaces within the Enterprise. See Managed Enterprise Accounts.

  • Specific email domains: Enterprise admins can specify one or more email domains members are allowed to use with their Trello accounts in order to be on Workspaces within the Enterprise. 

A Workspace member must have an email from an approved domain in order to remain active when the Workspace is added to the Enterprise. This can be accomplish in two ways:

  1. [Recommended] Deactivate the Workspace member from your Workspace, then have them create a new Trello account using an email address on an approved domain (contact your Enterprise admin if you’re unsure of which domains are approved). Re-add the member to your Workspace using their new Trello account.

  2. Ask the Workspace member to change their email address to one with the approved domain. See Changing your email address.

Approving an upgrade

An Enterprise admin can process requests by opening the Enterprise admin dashboard. From there, they can go to the “Pending” Workspaces tab:

For each Pending Workspace, Enterprise admins will be able to see:

  • The number of new billable members that will be added to the Enterprise

  • The number of Workspace members that don’t meet Enterprise security restrictions

Restricted members will become deactivated from the Workspace when the Workspace upgrade request is approved, and will not be added to the Enterprise.

To learn more about editing Workspace member restrictions for an Enterprise, see the “Workspace Membership Restrictions” section in Organization-Wide Permissions.

Additional Help