Importing data into Trello

Trello doesn't have a generic import tool, but you have several options for bringing your data into Trello:

  • Copy Paste - When you paste text into a Trello card, each new line becomes a new card. This means if you have a list of card titles e.g. in an Excel spreadsheet, you can simply copy the title from one column, and each cell from the sheet will become a card in a Trello list.

Quickly create a list in Trello by pasting lists from other apps such as Excel
  • Trello API - You can use the Trello API to have full programmatic control of the import process

  • Third-Party Power-Ups - There are a number of third-party Power-Ups developed by people or companies external to Trello that are able to import data into Trello, you can search for a list of these and find one that's best for you here:

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