How to manage Trello in your organization

There are a few ways you can manage Trello usage within your organization. Let's go through the main aspects of it: managing access and managing content.

Managing access to Trello

As the owner of a custom domain, you can verify the domain on an Atlassian Organization to manage Trello accounts created with email addresses from your verified domains. You will be able to activate, deactivate, and delete accounts, as well as edit their profile. 

To set up access management for Trello, you will need to follow a few steps in the Atlassian Organization side. Each step belows is linked to documentation on the subject with detailed instructions.

  1. Set up an Atlassian Organization

  2. Verify your domains and claim accounts

What changes for end users?

Once you verify a domain and claim accounts on that domain, users will no longer be able to change their emails to any address outside of your verified domains. You, as an Admin, will also not be able to make that change.

That means once you have claimed an account, it can't be made a personal account anymore unless you remove the domain verification from your Atlassian Organization. For that reason, you might want to give notice to your users before claiming their accounts, so they have time to move any personal content to a personal account, or even change the email on their existing account to a personal email address.

SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Security Policies

Beyond setting up an Atlassian Organization and verifying your domains, you can subscribe to Atlassian Access to centralize security and governance across your entire organization with features such as SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication enforcement, Audit Logs and much more.

Currently, access to Trello is directly connected to the Atlassian Account, that is managed by your Atlassian Organization once you verify your domains. This means that to deactivate access to a Trello account, you need to disable the user's Atlassian Account. That will also prevent them from logging into and use any other Atlassian products such as Jira and Confluence.

Managing content in Trello

The steps above allow you to manage individual user accounts, enabling or preventing specific users to access Trello, but they don't allow you to manage Trello content such as Workspaces, boards and cards.

Managing Trello content is a feature available on the Premium and Trello Enterprise subscriptions.

To become an Admin of a single Trello Workspace, having access to all boards on that Workspace, Premium might be the plan for you. Premium is procured for each workspace. You can find out more about managing Trello content within an upgraded workspace here: Workspace admin capabilities and in the related links at the end of this article.

If you have multiple Workspaces, and you want to Admin all of them, being able to set company-wide permissions that apply to all Workspaces, you might need Trello Enterprise. To start exploring how to manage your Trello content with a Trello Enterprise, check out this article: Enterprise Wide Permissions and the ones listed at the end of this article.

Upgrade to Premium directly from your Workspace settings page, or from our pricing page. Reach out to our Sales team about Trello Enterprise here:

We have a few articles that might be useful when deciding which plan best suits your needs:

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