Workspace Reports for Enterprise

The Workspace Report page shows stats about boards, members, and labels within an Enterprise Workspace. You can access it by going to the Home page on Trello, then opening the sub-navigation from the desired Workspace on the left side and clicking “Reports”. 

The report will only include data from Workspace-visible or public boards within the Workspace. Private boards will not be included. By default, the report displays data for all boards, labels, and members within the Workspace. In order to filter the data that shows, start by clicking the “All Boards”, “All Labels”, or “All Members” buttons in the “Showing” bar and filtering down from there.


Due and Upcoming Cards

This section shows Workspace cards based on due dates. You can view the cards in each section by clicking the number of cards, or change the date range by clicking the date range description at the bottom of each area.


Assigned Cards by Member

This section shows a list of Workspace members who have been added to at least one card on a Workspace board, ordered by how many cards they’ve been added to. A bar in the right column shows a breakdown of each member’s cards by due date status: completed, upcoming, overdue, and no assigned due date.

Cards by Label

This section shows the top ten labels assigned to all cards included in the Workspace report. This report is based on the label name, not color. For example, if you use the label “mobile” on multiple Workspace boards, all cards with that label would be counted together in this chart, even if the label was different colors on different boards. 

If you want to see a breakdown of due date statuses of the cards for each label, select “Show due date status” at the top right side of the chart. 

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