Editing cards

You can edit a card by clicking the card you wish to edit on your board. This opens the back of the card. To edit a card title, click the title on the back of the card. A card has an optional description field. You can edit the description to add card details. Markdown is used for formatting the text in the description of a card.


Open a card to edit its title and description.

If someone else is editing the card description while you're in the card, you'll see their avatar with a pencil next to it.


Quick menus

Hover your mouse over a card and click the pencil icon that appears. The card menu allows you to perform actions on a card from the board view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts for cards:

  • a - adding members to the card

  • SPACE - add yourself to the card

  • c - archiving 

  • l - labels

  • d - due dates

  • < - move a card to the left

  • > - move a card to the right

  • v - voting

  • 1 - 6 - add labels

A complete list can be seen at https://trello.com/shortcuts.

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