Using Trello with an Atlassian account

About Atlassian accounts

What is Atlassian?

Atlassian is a software organization that provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential. These tools include Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Statuspage, and since acquiring it in 2017, Trello.

What is an Atlassian account?

With an Atlassian account, you can use just one account to log in to any Atlassian products, such as Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Statuspage, or Trello. You don't need to manage separate accounts for each of these products - just one account to rule them all!

How do I know if I'm using Trello with an Atlassian account?

If you're already logged into Trello, you can check this by going to your profile page at If your Trello account is linked to an Atlassian account, you'll see a variation of this message:

This is an Atlassian account. Edit your personal information and visibility settings through your Atlassian profile.

Clicking on the link in the message will take you to your Atlassian profile, where you can make changes to your profile information and settings.

Why are you asking us to migrate to Atlassian account now?

Since 2017, Trello has been working diligently to integrate with Atlassian systems and now we’re ready for Trello accounts to get an Atlassian account.

How do I log in after migrating to Atlassian account?

On, enter your email address. Our system will recognize that your account is linked to an Atlassian account. Click the "Log in with Atlassian" link to login.


How can I reset my Atlassian account password?

To reset your Atlassian account password, go to We'll send you a password reset email. Once you reset your password, you can log into Atlassian and Trello with your Atlassian account email and your new password.

Migrating to Atlassian account

Why is this happening?

The integration of an Atlassian account with all your Atlassian Cloud services is currently in progress, which means that your Trello account will soon be upgraded to Atlassian account. When it is complete, you'll be able to log in to Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello with one set of credentials. You can also use your Atlassian account to log into our Atlassian Community and Atlassian support and billing systems.

I just logged into Trello, and I was automatically migrated to Atlassian account. Is that expected?

Yes, if you log into Trello using Google, you will automatically be migrated to Atlassian account as part of that process. 

Can I opt-out of migrating my Trello account to an Atlassian account? Is there a way to undo the migration once it’s been completed?

Over the course of this year, all Trello accounts will get an Atlassian account. We do not offer an opt-out of this process, nor is there an option to reverse the migration once it’s completed.

Is upgrading to Atlassian account free?

There are no costs with this migration. Anyone can make an Atlassian account for free and this process is the same as doing that, but with the added step of linking your already-existing Trello account to it. Many other Atlassian products have free versions as well, and this migration will allow you to try those out all from the same place!

Why do I have to migrate my account? Can’t you merge the user database with Atlassian without users having to take action?

We are requesting users to review their profiles to ensure every user has an opportunity to review the email they’re using in Trello, preventing any issues with mismatched or outdated information. We will automatically update the accounts of any user who did not go through the migration process later this year.

Will the mobile app still work if I migrate to an Atlassian account?

Yes! The mobile app will still work for devices that match our supported operating system versions.

I used to have multiple email addresses on my account. Where did they go?

Atlassian accounts only have a single email address. Beginning in 2020, Trello has been helping users to reduce to a single email address ahead of this change. If there were still multiple email addresses on your account when it was updated to Atlassian account, we tried to pick the best one to keep on your account, and the others were removed. If you try to log in with one of the email addresses that was removed, we’ll send an email to every address on the account letting you know which email address to use going forward.

I can’t log in with the email address on my account.

If you don’t have access to the email address remaining on your account, you’ll have the opportunity to change the email address after entering your Trello password. If you need to change your email address and your account is managed by a Trello Enterprise, please have the admin for your Enterprise contact us.

How do I manually migrate to an Atlassian account? 

If your Trello account hasn't migrated to an Atlassian account yet, you can manually start that process from Trello's Settings page. Click on your avatar on the header and choose Settings or open Scroll down to the Two Factor Authentication header to see a banner with the title "Your Trello + Atlassian account". Choose Update account on this banner and log in to Atlassian using the same email registered to your Trello account. Your account will complete the migration process and you'll see those changes reflected on your Trello account's Profile page.


Atlassian account and your Trello content

Will migrating to Atlassian account cause me to lose access to my boards or Trello content?

No, the changes from this process only apply at the account level. Nothing will change inside of Trello with regard to your boards, and you’ll continue to collaborate on boards in the same way!

Will migrating to Atlassian account impact how other people access shared boards?

Nope! Collaborating on boards will work the same after you connect your Trello account to your Atlassian account.

How does migration impact my Trello Workspace?

The migration won’t have any effect on your Trello Workspace or how you collaborate on Trello boards. The changes made will only apply at the account level and have an effect on where management of your account is located, such as changing your profile information. 

Will I lose access to my Trello Workspace if I migrate my account?

You won’t lose access to your Trello Workspace as your account will still be a member of them and your boards. Once your account has been migrated, you’ll still be able to use Trello as you were before.

Will the migration of my account to Atlassian account somehow impact my paid Trello subscription?

The migration won’t cause any changes to your current subscriptions in Trello. This will only impact your login experience as you’ll be asked to log in via your Atlassian account instead of your Trello account.

Atlassian account and Trello Enterprise

How does this impact my Workspace if we are using Trello Enterprise?

The migration won’t have any effect on your Enterprise settings, Trello Workspaces within the Enterprise, nor how you collaborate on boards. The changes made will only apply at the account level and have an effect on where the management of your account is located, such as changing your profile information.

I don’t use SSO to sign into Trello. What’s changing for me?

After your connect your Trello account to your Atlassian account, your Trello password will no longer work. Instead, you’ll always log into Trello using your Atlassian account. Depending on your organization’s security settings, this may be through SSO—even if you weren’t using SSO with Trello before—or with an email address and password.

Managed accounts

What does it mean to have a “managed” account?

When a user has a company email address on their Trello account, and the company verifies the domain, the Trello account will become managed by the admin of the Atlassian organization that verified the domain. Managed accounts can be deactivated or deleted by an organization admin at any time.

Do I become managed when I migrate to an Atlassian account?

Your account won't automatically become managed when you migrate to an Atlassian account. However, if your Trello account uses an email address with a company domain, your Trello account could become managed at any time if the company verifies the domain. This is true whether or not you've already migrated your account. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you confirm that the email address associated with your Trello account is the one you want to have associated with that account. To avoid losing access to your account, it should be an email address that you still have access to, and if you're using Trello for personal use, it should be a personal email instead of a work email.

My account is already managed by a Trello Enterprise. Does this apply to me?

Yes, your accounts can now be managed by both the Trello Enterprise and an Atlassian organization. For legacy editions of Enterprise, these may have different admins.

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