Request Workspace membership as a guest

As a Workspace guest, you can request membership in order to become a Workspace member. You can do that by clicking the "Request to join" button in the bottom of the left hand navigation menu.

"Request to Join" button in the left hand navigation menu

After that, you need to wait for your membership to be approved by a Workspace admin.

Accepting/dismissing Workspace membership requests

To accept Workspace membership request you need to be a Workspace admin, go to the Workspace Members tab and click the "Pending" item to see a list of all pending membership requests, where you can either accept or deny each one.

List of pending Workspace join requests

To accept a request you have to click the "Add to Workspace" button in the right side of the request and confirm. To dismiss it, you have to click the "X" button and confirm by clicking "Delete request".

"Add to Workspace" button to accept Workspace join request
"Delete request" button to deny Workspace join requests

Workspace membership requests don't count towards the Collaborator Limit in a free Workspace, but accepted requests do. Find more about Collaborator Limits here.

Bulk actions on pending membership requests

If you have a lot pending requests to be handled, you can bulk accept/dismiss multiple requests at once by selecting the desired ones and using the bulk "Add to Workspace" or "Delete request" options respectively.

Multiple Workspace join requests selected to perform bulk actions

Membership requests notifications

Workspace admins will get a notification when a new membership is requested.

Notification for a new pending Workspace join request

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